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Full cycle
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When we can help

Access to resourcesyou cannot find locally
Access to resources
you cannot find locally
Search outside the local labour market to find a specialist with the expertise needed
Access to specificIT expertise
Access to specific
IT expertise
Find professionals with skills, in-depth knowledge, and experience in a very narrow niche
Backup for localresources
Backup for local
Entrust urgent tasks to a remote team allowing the in-house employees to focus on long-term projects
Outsourcing of non-corecompetence
Outsourcing of non-core
Focus on what you do best instead of trying to handle tasks you lack experience in
Splitting a projectfor security reasons
Splitting a project
for security reasons
Minimise the risk of data leaks and corporate spying
Flexible Scale-up/Scale-down
Flexible Scale-up/
Scale a team up or down as needed for each stage of the project
Project takeover
Project takeover
Enlist the help of an experienced IT provider to simplify the project takeover
Cost reduction
Cost reduction
Reduce development costs while getting the same level of service

Why choose us

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Full-cycle development capabilities

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Mature business processes

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95%+ project success score

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80%+ repetitive clients

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83%+ Mid-to-Senior developers

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3.5+ years average employee lifespan

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Engineering mindset

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Flexibility in choosing resource location

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Blended teams with 24/7 coverage

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Quick turnaround

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Straightforward communication

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Quick facts

  • 2007 Since
  • 5 Offices
  • 200+ Clients
  • 100+ Employees
  • Marketing
  • Retail & Wholesale

Market Analysis Tool

Market analysis solution for a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware

usa USA
  • Healthcare

HealthCheck by Stratum

SaaS platform helping to protect against the risk of COVID-19 infection and seasonal viruses

usa USA
  • Gambling

Secret Horse

Smart solution for horse racing winner prediction

uk UK
  • Information Technology & Services

AI-driven Leadership Tool

AI-driven team productivity tool measuring workforce performance and providing recommendations on its improvement

usa USA
  • Healthcare


Social mobile application for people with addictions

sweden SWEDEN
  • HoReCa

VisBook PMS

Property management system for HoReCa businesses

norway NORWAY
  • Oil & Energy

Logistics Automation Software

Logistics automation software for the largest Eastern European LPG provider

ukraine UKRAINE
  • HoReCa


Platform automating the management of the restaurant hygiene process

germany GERMANY

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