SSA CTP: Crypto Trading Platform

Are you a business in the capital markets domain or an individual trader and have an idea for crypto trading? If so, our team of experts can formalize your strategy, validate it in a simulation environment, run it and monitor 24x7x365 all within SSA CTP.

SSA CTP delivers a set of tools and a framework for building AI-driven automated crypto trading solutions of any scale and complexity.

Live Numbers

  • 10 Active Bots
  • 30K+ Orders daily
  • 1200+ Orders hourly
  • 1M+ Orders monthly
  • $300K+ Turnover daily
  • $10M+ Turnover monthly

Crypto trading strategy automation workflow

Client’s Idea
Trading Strategy Formalization
Bot Implementation and Deployment
Fine-tuning and
Live Trading
Monitoring and Support


SSA CTP comprises Dashboard, Mobile app, Bot framework and Simulation environment integrated together



Mobile app

Mobile app

Bot framework

Bot framework

Simulation environment

Simulation environment


  • Bot management (start/stop, settings, clone, archive)
  • Bot monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Emergency stop
  • Account statistics
  • Bot statistics
  • Reports

Mobile app

  • Bot start/stop
  • Notifications
  • Emergency stop
  • P&L, ROI for account
  • P&L, ROI per bot
Mobile app

Bot framework

General Features

  • Collection of candles, market trades and market depth every second
  • Handling outdated and delayed data from exchanges
  • Handling order size, max number of orders, order rate limits of exchanges
  • Support for price slippages
  • Squeeze protection limits
  • State machine design (Warm-up, Trading, Waiting, Error, Liquidation, etc.)
  • Automatic recovery after errors
  • Multi-stage bot operation completion


  • Grid-based trading strategies
  • Cross trading strategies
  • SMA, EMA, Volatility, PSAR indicators
  • Target-profit and size scaling for orders
  • Postponed stop-losses based on volatility and thresholds
  • Support for trading pauses depending on volatility, stop-loss events and velocity of price changes
  • Handling touches, rising and falling crosses and thresholds of indicators


  • Market and limit orders
  • Take profit orders
  • Custom stop-loss orders
  • Detached orders
  • Support for splitting orders
  • TTL for orders

Simulation Environment

Simulation or backtesting is aimed at validating the trading strategy using historical market data to assess its potential performance and effectiveness before deploying it in live trading.

The bot created for simulation (Simulation Bot) uses literally the same codebase as the bot for live trading (Live Bot) with the only difference in data sources, i.e. the database with historical data for simulation and real-time data coming from crypto exchanges for live bots.

Simulation Environment Simulation Environment
Historical Data

Historical Data

The historical data used for simulation includes price movements, trading volumes and market depth since January 1st, 2021 for the following pairs:




The discrete-event simulation allows to investigate the strategy performance 20-30 times faster than the actual time range.

Fine-tuning & Enhancements

Fine-tuning & Enhancements

Fine-tuning of different strategy parameters allows to choose the best configuration resulting in the optimal key metrics such as profit and loss (P&L), return on investment (ROI), drawdowns, win rate, etc. The accuracy of results is in the range of 5%.

Technical notes

  • Spot and Isolated Margin trading
  • Any instruments supported
  • One CTP account supports multiple exchange accounts
  • One bot supports one exchange and one instrument only
  • One bot per exchange account
  • Every bot operates in the isolated container environment
  • New bot launch time – 1 month on average

Crypto exchanges

Crypto exchanges
Crypto exchanges

Business model

3000 USDT One-time per bot Setup fee
15% profit min 1000 USDT Maintenance fee, monthly per bot

Legal matters

Trading strategy concept

Trading strategy concept

is the intellectual property of the Client
Source codes

Source codes

are the intellectual property of SSA Group


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