Data science & Big data

Huge pools of data hold great potential, and SSA Group is helping our clients unlock it. Since 2007, we have worked on custom business intelligence solutions to solve security, analytics and big data processing tasks.

With over ten years of experience and professional certifications in the primary technologies of these fields, we help businesses increase profits by implementing data-driven solutions.

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SSA Data


Data collection icon
Data collection
We automate data import from the existing databases, XML feeds, or any other files, as well as build custom data connectors, APIs, and web crawling solutions
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Data pre-processing
We create intelligent solutions to ensure the completeness and quality of massive amounts of data
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Having extensive experience in database administration services, we design and implement database infrastructure to give your business full control over data
Data analysis icon
Data analysis
Progressive business intelligence tools and machine learning algorithms can help businesses get valuable insights and highlight trends based on statistics
Data export icon
Data export
Data export to e-commerce platforms, CMS solutions or custom solutions allows further data processing and visualisation to enable data-driven decision making
Data visualisation icon
Data visualisation
Data visualisation solutions help permanently analyse input data to find common patterns and insights
Decision making icon
Decision making
We execute cutting-edge solutions that help our clients make precise decisions to achieve their business goals

Tools and technologies


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Database management systems

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Data visualisation tools

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