Focus on experience

SSA Group is a reliable, forward-looking team of experts with an engineering mindset. We believe that project success can be attained only through the synergy produced by seasoned, goal-oriented experts who embrace their key competencies to overcome the toughest technical challenges.

We are proud to have strong middle-to-senior IT experts eager to make a digital quantum leap for our clients. By promoting close cooperation within teams and supporting team members seeking professional certifications, SSA Group encourages our staff to continue improving their skills and gaining new experiences and insights.

Our success is the result of a highly motivated team operating without needless micromanagement. It doesn’t matter where we are working as long as we are effective. If you share our views, join the SSA Group team!

What our colleagues say

What makes us different?

We embrace our key competencies, putting treasured knowledge and best skills into practice. With our expertise and careful planning, we stay smooth under the pressure of challenges and carefully stick to deadlines.
Taking on a task, we step up to the plate and reap the fruits of our labor afterwards. We don’t shift responsibility but willingly accept it.
Having set a goal, we are passionate and motivated enough to accomplish it without anyone micromanaging us. However, we are ready to give each other a helping hand anytime.
Being well-educated, we express our thoughts using precise language. If a colleague’s message, letter or report is careless, we might tease them motivating to raise their game :)
We are the agents of change. Thinking outside the box, we strive to make reasonable choices and come up with the best possible solutions. No sloppiness, procrastination, or getting sidetracked.
We dream big and allow our imagination to soar. Blue sky thinking in proper time can work miracles. We believe coding, testing and designing are not about technology only but also about art.
We reckon that true experts are attentive to detail. We are very careful about each and every subtle feature of our work, taking care of them while embracing a big picture.
Being reliable, sensible and steady is our asset. All possible challenges are deliberately explored and considered beforehand. We persistently follow every step of a project having an eye for careful planning.
We stay positive, always open to the brand-new, ambitious and inspiring goals. Сracking a joke in the face of a challenge is not a crime. With grounded hope, the sky is the limit for us :)
We treat everyone with dignity and respect without being touchy-feely. Integrity is at the foundation of our work. We always keep our word being honest with our colleagues, partners, and communities.

Why choose us

Keep work-life balance
Start your workday any time before 11 a.m. and adapt your schedule to meet 40 hours a week
Focus on career
on career
Work with experienced teammates and grow your career, following a clear review process. We encourage our employees to continue improving their skills and obtaining professional certifications
Challenging projects
Work with cutting-edge technologies, gain access to the most up-to-date tools and apply your skills to complex projects
Social package
We offer 20 working days of paid vacation, 10 sick leaves and a flexible leave policy

Hiring process

1 Listen
to podcast
2 Pass technical interview
3 Pass final interview
4 Get offer

Open positions

Join the SSA Group team!

Build your career with SSA Group

SSA Group offers equal employment opportunities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, disability, marital status or any other category protected by law.

Our events

Is .NET MAUI ready?

Is .NET MAUI ready?

SSA Group held the webinar "Is .NET MAUI ready?". This time we discovered the new features and the latest enhancements of the MAUI Application.


In the ever-evolving world of technology, we put people first – our emphasis on teamwork and transparency allows us to remain goal-oriented and excel in our projects.

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$ 500 Middle II
$ 1000 Senior
$ 1500 Team / Tech Lead

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