Is .NET MAUI ready?


SSA Group invites Middle and Senior software engineers to join our online discussion dedicated to the .NET MAUI framework as the future of cross-platform native user interfaces. 

This time we’ll discover the new features and the latest enhancements of the MAUI Application. The speaker will examine Community Toolkit 8.0 - a recently launched collection of helpers and APIs for the .NET and will reveal newly added features of C# 11 and .NET MAUI in .NET 7. 

Andriy Vlasenko

Andriy Vlasenko

Senior .NET Developer

  1. MAUI Application Architecture and Features
  2. .NET Community Toolkit 8.0 for .NET MAUI
  3.  C# 11: The Highlights
  4. .NET MAUI in .NET 7
  5. Publishing Your .NET MAUI Apps 

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