Is .NET MAUI ready?

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SSA Group held the webinar "Is .NET MAUI ready?". This time we discovered the new features and the latest enhancements of the MAUI Application.

The speaker examined Community Toolkit 8.0 - a recently launched collection of helpers and APIs for the .NET and will reveal newly added features of C# 11 and .NET MAUI in .NET 7.

We are grateful to the speaker for his presentation on this urgent topic!

Andriy Vlasenko

Andriy Vlasenko

Senior .NET Developer

  1. MAUI Application Architecture and Features
  2. .NET Community Toolkit 8.0 for .NET MAUI
  3.  C# 11: The Highlights
  4. .NET MAUI in .NET 7
  5. Publishing Your .NET MAUI Apps 

Video version (In Ukrainian)

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