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Project Background

In 2019, the total gross profit (gross gambling yield, GGY) from horse race betting in Great Britain amounted to over £1.11bn. The fastest-growing segment of the sports betting industry is online betting and, in the last four years, this sector has taken the 47% market share, with the GGY for remote betting on horse races totalling £522mln, according to gambling industry statistics.

Gross gambling yield (GGY) of horse race gambling  in Great Britain from April 2014 to March 2019 (in million GBP)

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Secret Horse GGY

There is now a new category of virtual dog and horse races – computer-generated races with randomly determined outcomes. On 4 April 2020, the Virtual Grand National raised £2.6m from bets made on an animated event that replaced real horse races during the racing shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

As gambling trends increasingly shift towards online gambling, sports betting services providers must improve user experiences and offer innovative solutions. Real-time data analysis and winner prediction are two ways to gain a competitive advantage and increase profit.

Every bookmaker tries to attract punters by offering higher odds for some events to outpace competitors. The higher a bookmaker’s odds compared to the mathematically fair odds, the more probability the punter will make a profit. Thus, it is crucial for gamblers to quickly identify overestimated bookmaker odds.

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Product History

  • 2008 This project underwent a number of iterations to become the solution you see today. In 2008, it started as a means to collect, analyse, and compare horse pedigrees for use in arbing.
  • 2010 Two years later, the project shifted focus to creating betting bots for the Betfair betting exchange.
  • 2014 In 2014, the system was reused for the client’s project needs. Its main task was placing bets on betting exchanges using a ‘follow the money’ approach, but the system couldn’t work with the betting exchanges, unlike bookmakers’ websites.
  • 2016 By 2016, we had roughly ten fruitless partnerships with small players in the online betting market.
  • 2018 And, in 2018, we signed a deal with a large partner, allowing us to restart the project and improve upon previous iterations. Our IT expertise helped the gambling industry representatives build an intelligent system for horse race predictions.
  • NOW The project has now entered the stable development phase and has an increasing ROI. The team is currently implementing plans and searching for opportunities to enhance the solution’s performance and quality.

Project Description

Analysing the gambling market in real time is challenging due to a large amount of incoming information. Without proper knowledge or skills, it is difficult for gamblers to make the right decisions. Therefore, the main goal of the platform is to turn punters into pros by comparing odds from popular bookmaker websites and betting exchanges to make real-time horse racing predictions.

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Project Challenges

The gambling industry is highly intermittent. Thus, the main challenge for our team was to help users make decisions quickly based on constantly changing odds. Our project faced three main challenges
Collecting data


data on horse racing events quickly and frequently
Conducting real-time data analysis


real-time data analysis
Making real-time winner predictions


real-time winner predictions

Project Stages

The project was divided into two parts.
  1. Preliminary research

    Data analysts collected odds from bookmaker websites and online betting exchanges. They then compared the betting exchange odds to those of bookmakers and explored the dynamics of the changes. This allowed our team to gain further insights and identify the most profitable bets.

  2. Development

    The software engineers designed the following architecture for the system:

    Secret Horse architecture
    Secret Horse architecture
    Secret Horse architecture

Team Structure

Secret Horse team structure 3


  • Data Collection
    Data Collection
  • Data Crawling
    Web Crawling
  • Captcha Recognition
    Captcha Recognition
  • XML/JSON/HTML Parsing
    XML/JSON/HTML Parsing
  • DBA icon
  • Data Engineering
    Data Engineering
  • Data Mining
    Data Mining
  • Data Analysis
    Data Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition
    Pattern Recognition
  • Data Vizualization icon
    Data Visualisation
  • High-performance Computing
    High-performance Computing
  • Predictive Analysis
    Predictive Analysis
  • Automated Decision Making
    Automated Decision Making
  • Reporting icon
  • IM Notifications
    IM Notifications



  • C#
  • RegEx
  • Death By Captcha
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • 2Captcha
  • Google Cloud Speech API


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Microsoft Management Studio
  • dbForge Studio
  • SQL Monitor


  • ASP.NET Core
  • WCF
  • Entity Framework
  • Dapper
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Telegram API


  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bower
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SSA Group has created a unique solution for collecting, storing, and processing immense amounts of betting-related data. In the coming years, our software engineers will continue improving the built-in, real-time data analysis and prediction algorithms to increase users’ chances of winning and to increase their winning returns.


30 Crawlers
150Gb Database size
100k+ Signals per day
1000+ Accounts
10k+ Bets per day
5-8%+ ROI
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