Test-driven development (TDD) approach in React

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TDD in React

The eighth webinar covers the topic of test-driven development approach in React. It is a final online event from SSA Group in 2020. The webinar gathered a record number of registrations in the first few days after its announcement. 

The experienced speaker Artur Kashaiev, a Head of Backend Node.js department, demonstrated how TDD impacts the development process. Moreover, the speaker covers what to do in terms of essential testing scenarios. During the online event, attendees had an opportunity to explore the testing tools such as Jest and React testing library in practice.

The video from the webinar is available on our YouTube channel.

Artur Kashaiev

Artur Kashaiev

Head of Backend Node.js department

  1. TDD: the definition and rules
  2. TDD: Pros & Cons
  3. Design: decomposition, condition analysis, data flow
  4. Live coding: task implementation in React.js

During the Q&A session, participants wondered whether the TDD approach is more time-consuming than the traditional software development process, whether testing CSS classes is required during functional testing, and if TypeScript facilitates the test-driven development in total. 

Speaker Artur Kashaev commented on the importance of TDD in frontend development, saying that, ‘The test-driven development approach allows frontend developers to be confident in the operability of the solution they build. It doesn’t eliminate the importance of other QA procedures, like acceptance testing. However, the TDD approach helps to decrease development time because of a deeper requirements elaboration and a short feedback loop. After all, the final product quality is the responsibility of the whole team including testers and developers’.

We are grateful to the speaker for sharing his invaluable expertise and enthusiastic frontend developers for joining us during the event.

TDD in React


Video version (In Russian)

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