Cloud Security in Microsoft Azure 

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SSA Group gathered the Middle and Senior software engineers to our online event ‘Cloud Security in Microsoft Azure’.  

The fourteenth webinar focused on data management and security in Microsoft Azure. During the webinar, we discussed how to store and exchange sensitive data, examined advanced network security and critical vulnerabilities in Azure. The speaker also elaborated on basic tips on how to make the clouds solution secure. 

Dmytro Obolonyk

Dmytro Obolonyk

Technical Advisor at SSA Group

  1. Physical security from Microsoft  
  2. Securing data and files 
  3. Storing and sharing sensitive data 
  4. Advanced network security 
  5. Critical vulnerabilities in Azure 
  6. Choosing between cloud and on-premises 
  7. General tips to make your solution secure 

The webinar was useful to both software developers and DevOps engineers who are interested in cloud security.

We are thankful to the speaker for sharing his experience in cloud security and all attendees for joining us.

Cloud security webinar

Video version (In Russian)

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