Analysis and forecasting time series for retail sales

Date & Time
27 January 2022 18:30-20:00 EET
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English, Ukrainian, Russian

The SSA Group is organizing its first webinar in 2022. This time, the online event will focus on analysis and forecasting time series for retail sales.  

The speakers will elaborate on the notion of time series in retail sales and explain the base steps of time series analysis. In addition, there will be a discussion on how to manage time series data and apply feature engineering techniques for time series forecasting. In particular, our speakers will focus on modelling by classic statistical methods and using Machine Learning approaches, models validation and analysis of results.  

The webinar will be helpful for Data Science specialists, Business analysts, Software engineers, and those interested in eCommerce. 

Mariia Mazorchuk

Mariia Mazorchuk

Middle II Data Scientist

Andrii Sahan

Andrii Sahan

Middle II Data Scientist

  1. Time series in retail sales. What do we want to analyze and predict?
  2. Base steps of time series analysis.
  3. Pre-processing and cleaning time series data.
  4. Feature engineering for time series forecasting.
  5. Modelling: Classical Statistical Methods, MARS, XGBoost, etc.
  6. Model validation and analysis of results.

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