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Project Background

According to WHO reports, deficiencies in food hygiene cause 600 million diseases each year and impede socioeconomic development by straining health care systems and harming national economies and trade.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles guarantee the safety of consumers by ensuring that the food processes meet legal and regulatory requirements. HACCP is mandatory for every company that produces, markets, processes, or transports food.

Q-KISS HACCP was developed by the food hygiene specialists of DR.SCHNELL from their daily practice with customers and associations for practical use. The project aimed to set up a self-checking system in just a few clicks, even if you are not a specialist.

The most important food safety violations are quickly identified and production processes made safe: improper holding or refrigeration temperatures, insufficient hand washing, improper cooking, etc.

Project History

  • 2019 The project started with turnover activities since the 1st version of the product that included a UWP tablet application and a web administration panel was developed by an external subcontractor. The initial phase was to optimise the code and improve the performance of the system. The Android and iOS tablet applications were released.
  • 2020 It was decided to integrate the IoT functionality to improve the accuracy of collected data and the operating convenience. KoolZone temperature sensors are suitable for monitoring from ambient to extreme temperatures, offering a range of calculation options to suit different needs. CM2W sensors were used for the dishwasher, giving total control over its operation. The integration allows configuring each device remotely using the tablet or mobile app.
  • Now The team of software engineers are constantly improving and updating the existing system, implementing modern mobile and tablet solutions while working on performance optimisation. A roadmap for updating the backend stack has been discussed, which implies migration to modern Java application development approaches. Сurrently, a new version of the mobile application is being developed.

Project Description

Q-KISS allows HoReCa and food businesses to automate inspection and control of the hygiene process according to HACCP standards, improving the levels of food safety and sanitation. The system can be set for different properties regardless of whether it is a hospital, hotel or caterer.

The solution combines the administrative panel and mobile and tablet apps to control hygiene-relevant parameters and facilitate hygiene checks. The system replaces paper checklists and creates online reports as well as HACCP documentation. Q-KISS Quick Check enables the business to carry out self-monitoring tours using a detailed questionnaire.

QKISS case

Project Challenges

QKiss project takeover

Project takeover

to fix existing issues
QKiss scrum methodology


methodology implementation
QKiss IoT

IoT integration

with dishwasher and temperature sensors
Lead position on the market


a lead position among e-HACCP platforms in Europe

Solution Architecture

QKISS architecture

Team Structure

Q-Kiss team


  • cross-platform app
    Cross-platform Mobile App
  • Mobile Backend
    Backend for Mobile
  • qa
    Quality Assurance
  • admin panel
    Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
    API Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design
    Cloud Architecture Design
  • configuration
    Cloud Infrastructure Configuration
  • Project Management
    Project Management



  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Prism
  • SyncFusion

Frontend & Backend

  • Java 8.2
  • JavaEE 7
  • Jersey Framework
  • JasperReports
  • Jackson
  • Vaadin


  • SQLite
  • Database JPA
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL


  • Dogado
QKISS value


SSA Group helped implement the platform that automates hygiene process management. The solution:

  • Facilitates hygiene checks through a questionnaire created with the Federal Association of Food Inspectors
  • Allows to create hygiene tasks and control their execution
  • Collects data from dishwasher and temperature sensors to analyse hygiene-relevant parameters
  • Automates report generation, helping evaluate the compliance of hygiene processes with HACCP principles
  • Reduces inspection time by 72%


100+ Hotels & Restaurants
4mln+ Tasks in the system
1000+ Users
72% Reduction in inspection time
QKISS case

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