Results of Business Trip to Sweden


In late November, the Director of M&A / Strategic Alliances and the Business Development Manager of SSA Group visited Sweden to meet our current and potential clients. Our colleagues had several meetings in Stockholm, one of the largest IT hubs in Europe, and in Gothenburg, the second city of Sweden in terms of importance and concentration of IT companies.

We were pleased with a warm welcome and greatly impressed with openness and optimism of our colleagues from Sweden. It’s not the first time that our team members visited Sweden, and definitely, it won’t be the last one. Communication with potential and current partners makes it possible to see a big picture of the situation in the market, get a better idea of the market trends and assess our company’s position in it, learn about possible issues, and work out ways to solve them together with our partners.

Soon after our colleagues came back, several new projects have been launched and a few more are being negotiated.

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