SSA Group Project Manager attended Kharkiv Project Management Day Autumn 2018


September 29, 2018, Kharkiv hosted Kharkiv Project Management Day Autumn 2018, the largest Ukrainian conference on project management in IT. About 500 IT project managers from all over the country took part in the event and our colleague was among attendees. More than 50 experienced speakers shared their unique experience.

There were 5 streams for attendees to choose from: PM Experts, PM Models, Agile and Flexible Methodologies, Product Management, and Workshops. 

A variety of issues was discussed at the conference:

  1. Key trends in the industry and new trends in project management
  2. Success factors and failure causes in project management
  3. Real-life cases in project management: dealing with clients and managing a team
  4. Peculiarities of methodology implementation in different types of projects
  5. Effective ways to overcome work burnout
  6. New ways to build and manage effective teams
  7. The future of project management: how will project management evolve over time?

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