.NET MAUI and Blazor: What is the future of multi-platform apps?

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SSA Group held the webinar “.NET MAUI and Blazor: What is the future of multi-platform apps?”.

The twelfth webinar was focused on discussing the future prospects of multi-platform applications. The speaker started with a preview of the upcoming release of .NET 6 and moved to the introduction of .NET MAUI as a new way of creating native mobile and desktop apps. During the online event, we discussed Blazor components in .NET MAUI and the nuances of migration to MAUI and Blazor.

Andriy Vlasenko

Andriy Vlasenko

Senior .NET Developer

  1. Preview of the .NET 6 developer platform  
  2. What’s new in Visual Studio 2022? 
  3. Overview of the .NET cross-platform applications 
  4. Exploring the new Multi-platform Application UI (MAUI) 
  5. Introduction to the Blazor components in .NET MAUI  
  6. The details of migration to MAUI and Blazor  
  7. The future development of .NET multi-platform applications 

We are grateful to all attendees for joining us during this online event and the speaker for sharing his expectations and views on the future release.

.NET MAUI webinar

Video version (In Ukrainian)

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