.NET Core Desktop. Does migration make sense?

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.NET Core Desktop. Does migration make sense?

SSA Group’s second webinar took place on 25 June 2020, bringing together 90 specialists to learn about desktop application development using C# 8.0 and .NET Core. SSA Group Senior .NET Developer Andriy Vlasenko presented at the webinar.

The video from the webinar is available on our YouTube channel.

Andriy Vlasenko

Andriy Vlasenko

Senior .NET Developer

  1. Overview and history
  2. .NET Core 3.x for desktop applications
  3. Runtime improvement
  4. Deployment flexibility
  5. What’s new in C# 8.0?
  6. Migration from .NET Framework to .NET Core
  7. Future of .NET Desktop and .NET Framework

We are grateful to the speaker and all attendees for joining us during this online event. Because this is a niche area occupied primarily by enterprise solutions, there are not many developers with such expertise. Thus, we are aiming to popularise this direction for software development among Ukrainian developers.

.NET Core webinar

Video version (In Russian)

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