Improve your .NET code with SonarQube

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Improve your .NET code with SonarQube

May 14, the first webinar "Improve your .NET code with SonarQube" was held by SSA Group. It gathered roughly 120 .NET developers all around Ukraine. We’ve discussed how to improve the .NET code in SonarQube, coded in real time, and filled gaps in knowledge during the QA session.

The video from the webinar is available on our YouTube channel.

Dmytro Obolonyk

Dmytro Obolonyk

Head of Backend .NET Europe Department

Volodymyr Udalov

Volodymyr Udalov

Head of FullStack .NET Department

Yevgen Antsybor

Yevgen Antsybor

Head of Data & Desktop Department

  1. What is SonarQube?
  2. SonarQube: taking control of the code quality
  3. Improve your .NET code via SonarQube
  4. Integration SonarQube into the software development process.

During the QA session, speakers gave the answers to the questions:

  • Optional features and configuration of the SonarQube
  • Integration with Azure DevOps and Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PowerShell alternatives for calculating the overall coverage
  • Differences between Community, Developer, and Enterprise editions
  • Possibility of simultaneous use of SonarQube and Quality Gate.

We are grateful to the speakers for their presentation on the urgent topic and all the attendees for being with us during this online event. It was the pilot episode of our webinars, and we are hoping you’ll stay with us from now on.

Improve your .NET code with SonarQube

Video version (In Russian)

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