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Video Processing Solution

Desktop applications providing full control over the recording and processing of video from high-speed cameras
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Project Background

The global high-speed camera market was estimated at $398.0 million in 2017 and is projected to reach $694.8 million by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% from 2018 to 2025.

A high-speed camera can capture moving images with exposures of less than 1/1,000 second, which is far beyond human perceptions. It is frequently used in automotive testing, ballistics, scientific research, etc. to record processes that are performed at very high speed and replay them for slow-motion analysis.

Sectors using high-speed cameras

Applications such as production line maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting require high-speed cameras as well. These cameras produce high-quality images, helping monitor production lines in industrial manufacturing plants and detect errors with 100% accuracy.

Emerging applications of high-speed cameras in all these sectors offer lucrative opportunities for the high-speed camera market globally.

Project History

  • 2020 The project started in October 2020 with a C++ Team lead and a senior С++ developer from SSA Group side. The initial stage of the project was to ensure the development of scalable yet lightweight applications for high-speed digital imaging needs.
  • 2021 Started the development of the application for live video streaming.
  • 2022 Added C++ developers to the team to develop and optimise drivers for the Windows platform. Started the development of the driver for MacOS using OpenGL, and iPadOS using OpenGL ES. Released a new version of the application with video-processing pipelines using CUDA. Released a new version of the application for optimisation of various video processing pipelines, UI/UX features, and optimisation of video export.
  • Now Added support for various types of cameras.

Project Description

Our client offers high-speed slow-motion cameras, LEDs and integrated systems, as well as software capable of supporting high-resolution video processing. SSA Group team was invited to improve the existing vendor's digital imaging solutions for scientific and industrial communities.

The cross-platform desktop applications allow users to have full control over cameras, adjust multiple camera parameters and get access to advanced options in recording and processing video streams in 5K resolution and up to 5,350 fps. The main features include also recording and managing cines on the capsule, advanced paint control for the camera, video processing downloaded cines: cutting, export to mp4, avi, etc.

Project Challenges

video processing

Video processing optimisation

including rendering and exporting
Merging a few apps in a single one


several apps into a single multifunctional app
Improving UX design


application user experience
macOS compatibility


with macOS

Hardware & software

logic compatibility

Team Structure

IDT team


  • Dashboard
    Cross-platform Desktop App
  • UI/UX
    UX Design
  • Reporting
    Performance Optimisation



  • С/С++
  • Qt
  • CUDA
  • OpenGL

  • OpenCL
  • MFC
  • Shaders
  • DirectX


SSA Group team helped improve the proprietary software for high-speed cameras allowing end-users to record and process slow-motion image streams. The solution:

  • Provides digital imaging solutions for scientific and industrial communities
  • Offers highly integrated systems that include data acquisition and signal synchronisation modules
  • Helps process high-resolution video streams recorded at up to 5,350 fps
  • Enables slow-motion analysis for processes that are performed at very high speed
  • Helps monitor production lines in industrial manufacturing plants and detect errors with 100% accuracy

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