NgTalks 2018


Today, Angular is one of the most popular frameworks in the world of front-end development. This framework is constantly evolving, providing developers with a set of cool features, and, as a result, it sets the tone for the front-end web development.

August 8-11 2018, Kharkiv hosted NgTalks 2018, the first conference in Ukraine dedicated to Angular technologies, covering the best practices, approaches, and cutting-edge trends. Our colleague from ProfJS department had an opportunity to visit it and to share his impressions.

All speakers were certified Google experts who are active members of a global Angular community.

A variety of issues was discussed at the conference - from features and the best practices of functional programming to recommendations on how to use the most common third-party libraries. It’s worth mentioning that the recommendations were developed by reverse engineering and deep immersion in specific functionalities of the framework.

The attendees could also learn about the features of the next release which is scheduled for the fall of this year.

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