MageConf 2017: Focus on Tech

In order to boost financial returns and ensure future growth, the eCommerce industry needs to create customer-centric organizations that focus on rebuilding and regaining client trust as well as producing immaculate customer experience.

MageConf conference serves as an opportunity for technology experts to come together from around the world to gain new insights, perspectives, and best practices on how to deliver a seamless customer experience using latest Magento and  technologies.

The Mage-Devs team attended MageConf organized in Kiev on Sunday, December 16th to share their expert ideas and have in-depth discussions with peers. 

The conference was conducted in two streams filled with the unique reports presented by speakers from Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and Serbia. The carried out workshops were focused on resolving unconventional technical issues for gaining hands-on experience from Magento and PHP experts.


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