Building a flexible API with PHP and GraphQL

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August 27th, SSA Group organised the fourth webinar. In-house senior PHP Developer, Petro Lashyn, shared his experience in building flexible APIs with PHP and GraphQL. As a result, almost 100 PHP developers attended the online event to discuss GraphQL and its potential for building APIs using PHP stack.

The video from the webinar is available on our YouTube channel.

Petro Lashyn

Petro Lashyn

Senior PHP Developer

  1. Why does your API needGraphQL?
  2. How to implement it into the PHP project?
  3. GraphQLimplementation in Laravel and Symfony 
  4. Pros and cons of GraphQL
  5. What is the future of technology? 

We are grateful to the speaker for sharing the valuable knowledge and all attendees for joining us during this online event.

Building a flexible API with PHP and GraphQL

Video version (In Russian)

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