Football club apps

Mobile Apps for Football Clubs

All-in-one point of information for the fans of top-division clubs in European and American leagues
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Project Background

For the sports industry, fan engagement is a vital success component. To increase fan number, sport clubs often establish strong brand narratives and create emotional connections with their supporter base.

To involve fans as much as possible, clubs should adopt trending solutions and include all communication channels, both offline and online. As people spend an increasing amount of time in mobile apps each year, the creation of official mobile apps has become the primary channel to reach a broader audience worldwide.

Match live streaming, ticket purchasing, fan merchandising, event highlights and news updates – any activity is now available on apps. As technologies and smartphones progress, mobile apps require continuous updates and performance improvements to remain stable and ‘on the go’.

Project History

  • 2016 Cooperation started in 2016 with the project takeover activities. Implemented by our partner's in-house development team, the first version of the project required improvements and updates to comply with new mobile OS versions. Therefore, the SSA Group made a handover of projects for iOS and Android. Within overriding app-maintenance activities, our team eliminated various minor issues, integrated Google Analytics to track mobile-user activity and added support for dynamic permissions in the Android app to ensure full compliance with Android 6, which was released in 2015.
  • 2017 Once an updated version of the app was released, the SSA Group received another request to extend the app's functionality. This project phase included integration with the third-party service WonderPush to enable advanced push notifications and deep linking, e.g. reminders to complete ticket purchase if the checkout has been abandoned. Deep linking enabled users to customise their app journey and thereby facilitated the creation of personalised marketing campaigns, which increased app growth.
  • 2018 The UI/UX was improved. In particular, the authentication flow for club members was upgraded, enabling OpenID usage. Primary focus was given to implementing custom animation and upgrading media-content displays; embedded video and photo content was enabled in the news feed and match reports.
  • 2019-2021 The SSA Group made a takeover for another client’s football-club application and provided various maintenance activities. The tasks included the following: upgrades to the latest version of content delivery APIs, UI improvements, integration with the third-party push-notification provider WonderPush and improvements of app-analytics functionality.

Project Description

Our client was an investor of top-division football clubs in European and North American leagues, and, as such, improvements were made strengthen the fan community and achieve marketing goals.

Mobile applications allow football fans to stay up to date with football news, make purchases in official stores, buy tickets for upcoming sports events and participate in the activities provided by their favourite teams.

Football apps description

Project Challenges

Project take-over

Project takeover

to eliminate the existing issues


the application is up to date to and complies with each new OS
Improving UX design

Improving UX

to reach fan audience worldwide and on different devices
project communication


proper project communication with various stakeholders and development teams

Team Structure

App Team


  • Apps
    Native Apps
  • Social Networks Integration
    Social Networks Integration
  • Integration with External Media Services
    Integration with External Media Services
  • Integration with Ads Providers
    Integration with Ads Providers
  • Push Notifications Integration
    Push Notifications Integration



  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Java (Android)


  • SiteCore 8
  • OAuth


  • Wonderpush SDK
  • Youtube API
  • Vimeo API

Football club app value


For several years, the SSA Group has been providing maintenance for existing mobile apps for sports clubs. The apps ensure smooth interaction with fans beyond the arena and capture their attention on game day. The solution:

  • Increases user retention
  • Collects meaningful audience data
  • Leads more users to the desired destination and drives business profit
  • Ensures a wide market reach
Football club app

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