SSA Group Lviv

We are happy to announce that SSA Group is opening its new R&D office, located in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine and its IT talent pool counts over 25,000 specialists. The new workplace is located in ITEA Hub –°oworking, in the historic district of the city called Novyi Svit. Its open space atmosphere will stimulate effective work and self-development of each member of the Lviv team.

With a new western Ukrainian location, SSA Group is increasing its market presence and will be able to offer more opportunities to the clients inviting developers from this region to join the existing and future projects. Starting in July, the Lviv branch is aimed to provide the full cycle of software development services.

Lviv Office Address:

ITEA Hub –°oworking
Heroiv UPA Street, 80
Lviv, 79000

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