SSA Group is looking for a Senior C++ Developer to work permanently.


You’ll be working alongside industry leaders in high-speed imaging solutions, developing software for the operation of digital cameras, connection hubs, storages as well as highly integrated systems that include data acquisition and signal synchronization modules. The product lines embrace industry standards such as high-speed USB and Gigabit Ethernet to supply plug-and-play instruments that are reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use, including newest PIV image acquisition and processing software. You will also assist the hardware team (FPGA designers) with designing different software tools for debugging.


The globally-located project team are up to 20 leading scientists in the fields of applied physics, imaging sensors, digital camera design and software, united by a desire to create the best possible solutions and by the ability to break new ground and discover something even better. Many of the project team scientists have been working on the project since the beginning, sharing a passion and a pride in their work that drives our company’s constant push forward.


Candidate requirements

  • Excellent understanding of C/C++, software and firmware design, programming techniques (at least 7 years of experience)
  • Good experience with parallel programming in CUDA (C/C++), OpenCL
  • Experience of work with image/video processing and real-time graphics APIs such as OpenGL, DirectX
  • Solid software development fundamentals such as unit testing, build automation, branched based development and modern documentation practices
  • Good software and firmware architecture design skills
  • Good verbal and written English communication skills (Intermediate level or higher)


Will be a plus

  • Knowledge of the AI algorithms would be a strong plus
  • Experience with development for Linux OS will be a plus



  • Assist the team/develop the real time video processing with the help of CUDA instruments
  • Do R&D of new products based on different NVIDIA platforms (e.g. Jetson AGX)
  • Direct collaboration with the Product Owner and team members
  • Implementation and testing of the software and firmware in connection with external devices
  • Processes set-up (CI/CD, code review, documentation, etc.)
  • Design and verification of the software (review, code analysis, unit testing, interaction testing) based on requirements



We Offer

  • We Offer



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