Webinar ‘Blazor – the newest history’ was carried out

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SSA Group's third webinar Blazor - the newest history ended with a heated discussion on 23 July 2020. Aiming to show the advantages of the Blazor framework over Angular in building web applications, SSA Group Senior .NET Developer Iaroslav Kyrylyrshen prepared a test project using the new framework. Blazor is a trending topic now; thus, it is not surprising the webinar gathered roughly 100 participants despite the summer vacation period.

The following items were placed on the agenda:

  1. The JS-less world is not just a dream
  2. Is Blazor just a contender or a production-ready framework?
  3. Let’s look under the hood
  4. Performance, efficiency, easiness
  5. JavaScript is still an option
  6. Do you need more evidence?

The webinar attendees asked for more details regarding the serverside code and the client-server requests; therefore, Iaroslav promised to make a video giving detailed explanations. You can find the video on our YouTube channel by following the link.

Webinar Blazor

We are grateful to the speaker for sharing his practical experience in Blazor and all participants for the questions that allowed us to discover the truth.

Video version

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