The first database-dedicated webinar held by SSA Group

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On 29 October 2020, SSA Group hosted its first webinar for database developers. Experienced SSA Group database developers Mykhailo Berezhnyi and Vitalii Gryniuk presented the benefits and limitations of memory-optimized tables in SQL Server.

This online event brought together 100 database experts seeking awareness of the issues that can be faced while creating in-memory OLTP and ways to solve them. It was a record-long webinar that continued for two hours, excluding the Q&A session. Attendees not only asked questions but also actively shared their own experiences with memory-optimised tables.

The following points were covered during the webinar:

  1. Introduction. History. Changes in versions
  2. Benefits of in-memory OLTP
  3. Creation of memory-optimized tables. Record structure. Checkpoint files and pairs
  4. Indexes on memory-optimized tables
  5. Transactions for in-memory OLTP. Optimistic multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)
  6. Productivity comparison examples
  7. Checkpoint for disk-based and MO-tables. Checkpoint files lifecycle
  8. Memory Optimisation Advisor. Memory size consideration
  9. Natively compiled procedures
  10. Memory-optimized tables variables
  11. Limitations of in-memory OLTP

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