SSA Group holds webinar on ‘UI Test Automation Framework in Xamarin’

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The seventh SSA Group webinar was beneficial for all mobile app developers who work with Xamarin, a framework for cross-platform app development. The presentation ‘UI Test Automation Framework in Xamarin’ was made by in-house senior Xamarin developer, Andrii Datskiv.

There are not many Xamarin specialists in Ukraine; thus, we are happy to have succeeded in gathering the most engaged and appreciative audience on November 19th. During the webinar, the speaker demonstrated the potential of Microsoft tools for user interface (UI) testing in Xamarin, highlighted the crucial points in building basic infrastructure for UI tests, and revealed essential setups for the CI automation process in Azure DevOps and App Center Test.

The following points were covered during the webinar:

  1. A general idea of using UI tests on mobile projects
  2. Xamarin UI automation framework
  3. REPL tool for local testing
  4. Xamarin UI test infrastructure
  5. CI automation setup for UI tests: Azure DevOps + App Center Test
  6. SpecFlow

During the Q&A session, attendees were given the answers to such questions as alternatives for Azure DevOps in CI setup, the difference between AppBundle and InstalledApp methods, and recommendations for dealing with backend during UI testing.

Speaker Andrii Datskiv commented on the importance of UI tests for mobile projects, saying that, ‘UI testing is one of the essential steps allowing app developers to ensure the final product quality. UI convenience is the first mobile app users evaluate when entering an application the first time. Thus, the automated approach to UI tests helps to eliminate human testers’ efforts and make sure that the app meets its functional requirements and will be successfully adopted by end-users’.

We are thankful to the speaker for sharing his time and invaluable expertise and to all participants for joining us during the event.

The video from the webinar is already available on our YouTube channel – don’t hesitate to click the link and watch it today.

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