Chief Technology Officer

The CTO should act as an “External-facing Technologist” focusing his/her efforts on applying relevant technologies and providing optimal services to clients. CTO is expected to research technological trends and be willing to embrace spheres of innovation as well as develop the strategic technology plan for the organization by identifying, tracking, and experimenting with new and potentially disruptive technologies. The goal is to project and assess the impact of technologies on the company and its clients.

The CTO will be working closely with all technical departments of the company as well as Sales, Recruitment and Marketing departments. This is one of the key positions in our company.

Candidate Requirements
  • Education: MSc degree in any technical major is required, PhD is preferred
  • 10+ years of experience in IT including project management, business analysis and software development
  • Deep understanding of software development methodologies, requirements collection, project and resources planning, delivery management, risk assessment techniques, project documentation and reporting
  • Excellent understanding of testing methodologies and techniques
  • Experience in building PM/QA/DevOps processes
  • Experience in creating and implementing rules, policies and standards for software development processes
  • Hands-on experience in software development using several technologies
  • Practical experience in technical investigation and troubleshooting
  • Experience in conducting technical interviews
  • Experience in leading teams and mentoring
  • Excellent pre-sales and presentation skills
  • Strong level of soft skills
  • Advanced English
  • One of the following: PSM or CSM
  • Software development certifications are expected
  • SAFE or LESS would be a plus
  • Developing a technical strategy for the company, namely: project evaluation; interaction between the departments; deployment process; quality management; project management; interaction with the customer; crisis management in case problems are detected in projects
  • Organizing and creating strategic development plans of the departments, consulting in the process of creation and control of the results of their implementation
  • Controlling the creation and updating the competency matrix of the departments
  • Developing technological certification plan for the company in cooperation with the CIO and monitoring its implementation
  • Handling non-standard or complex customer requests in cooperation with the BDM
  • Holding meetings with clients as a technical expert and business analyst upon the request of the BDM or HoD
  • Playing a key role in the development of the company’s strategy for technology stack and the services provided, in cooperation with the marketing, sales and recruiting departments
  • Carrying out R&D on new technologies, creating prototypes of solutions in order to update and mainstream the company’s technological stack and the list of services provided
  • Approving topics and speakers for webinars, meetups and conferences
  • Selecting heads of technical departments
  • Developing the system for performance appraisals of technical departments as well as conducting monthly appraisals
  • Participating in regular meetings with heads of technical departments as well as with the marketing, sales and recruiting departments
  • Creating and implementing rules, policies and standards for PM/QA/DevOps processes in cooperation with the other heads of departments
  • Presenting company’s expertise at the pre-sales phase
  • Performing requirements collection, producing estimations, providing consultancy services during the pre-sales phase in cooperation with the sales department
  • Performing technical interviews as well as regular staff reviews
  • Forming and developing deep technical expertise of the department
  • Taking part in technical meetups, conferences as a speaker on behalf of the company
  • Assisting the marketing department in the creation of case studies, articles, presentations for the PMO department
  • Making administrative reports
Work mode
  • Office
Office Location
  • Kharkiv
  • Kyiv
  • Dnipro
  • Lviv
  • Odesa

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Why choose us

Senior team
Senior team
You will have the opportunity to work closely on projects with senior teammates, gaining new experience and insights
Regular review
Regular review
We offer regular performance reviews based on matrices of competence, code and peer reviews, and client feedback
 Long-term employment
Long-term employment
We have never supported the one-project employment philosophy and believe there is always a job for a competent specialist
 Challenging projects
Challenging projects
You will work with cutting-edge technologies, gain access to the most up-to-date tools and apply your skills to complex projects
We encourage our employees to obtain certifications; if you pass a certification exam, we will reimburse the testing fee
 Flexible working schedule
Flexible working schedule
You can start your workday any time before 11 a.m. and adapt your schedule to meet 40 hours a week
 Comfortable offices
Comfortable offices
We have well-equipped, modern offices in business centres
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