Drupal CMS projects


Normally we use Drupal for the development of complex websites where we need to implement a lot of custom business logic.

Drupal is a popual and rather flexible platform for building websites and it is good for usage of your own content types and implementation of related functionality.

There are plenty of modules available for Drupal which you can simply use on your website (for example, simple modules like SEO URL generation, XML Sitemap builder, Call-me and much more complex ones like Ubercart e-commerce module). Also Drupal gives you an opportunity to develop new modules to realize your busines needs. SSA LTD has a good experience in building new Drupal modules, for example,

  • different¬†variations of news modules
  • client registration
  • client personal area
  • custom order module
  • special module for products display
  • simple affiliate system
  • actions and discounts module
  • guest book
  • subscription module
  • simple banner module with admin configuration
  • custom multilingual modules for texts
  • sitemap page generator based on the site structure and its customization
  • images carousel module
  • customized contact form
  • bread crumb generation module

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