We assume you are looking for a company who “Makes your ideas alive” in IT-area. There are two main reasons why you may want to outsource your projects to a foreign company like SSA LTD:

  • Costs advantage
  • Demand for high-skilled developer

We can provide you with both of these advantages.

First of all our company is located in Ukraine which is known as a pool of high-skilled IT-specialists and competitive salaries.

Ukraine’s large scientific and technological capital and impressive technology resources are based on the country’s education system that comprises approximately 966 higher educational institutions. This summarises in 2.6 million students who study at 347 universities.

Kharkiv is the “Students’ Capital” of Ukraine. According to the government statistics, the total number of IT-related institutions in Kharkiv is about 100. The total number of IT-specilaities is nearly 316. Such a remarkable location enables SSA LTD to attract the best specialists in IT field.

Map Location

Over the last years Ukraine has become a more known and attractive region for other countries and foreign firms as it has stable economics, a high level of law observance and a  low level of crimes.
You can read our paper (ssa_paper.pdf, 229 Kb) about Ukraine and particularly about Kharkiv region to get more detailed information.

But even having good resources and stable environment, it is necessary to organize business processes in a company in such a way that allows us to provide customers with both high quality and efficient services. We are proud of the fact that all the projects completed by us have been finished successfully and in time and our customers have had only positive feedbacks about our co-operation.

To find out more please read appropriate sections about project management and development methodology schemes in our company.

Contact us and we will prove our skills!